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Estate Series

Estate Series Cabernet Sangiovese
$22 each
2019 Cabernet Blend Shottesbrooke Vineyards Estate Series Cabernet Sangiovese
Strictly from our Shottesbrooke-owned and managed vineyards, the Estate Series range of wines proudly sit at the heart of what we do here at Shottesbrooke. It is our commitment to produce exceptional wines, truly reflective of their origin, which offer a fundamental sense of place.

Reserve Series

Reserve Series  'THE PROPRIETOR' blend (Cabernet Merlot Malbec)
$70 each
2018 Cabernet Blend Reserve Series 'THE PROPRIETOR' blend (Cabernet Merlot Malbec)
Pinnacles of the Shottesbrooke range, and released only in years of outstanding quality, the Reserve Series denotes wines of special character. McLaren Vale icons identified by their exceptional elegance and their potential to age with grace and grandeur.