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Tide Chaser Series

Tide Chaser by Shottesbrooke Shiraz
$16.50 each
2019 Shiraz Tide Chaser by Shottesbrooke Shiraz
"No rules, no boundaries and no hesitation. The freedom of the ocean is our ultimate inspiration."

Estate Series

Estate Series Shiraz
$22 each
2019 Shiraz Estate Series Shiraz
With premium fruit sourced from carefully selected sites around McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills, the Estate Series proudly displays the fusion of hands-on vineyard practices with the passion we have for making wines of character and depth, whilst remaining true to the hallmark Shottesbrooke style of elegance and finesse.

Single Vineyard Series

Single Vineyard Series 'Tom's Block' Blewitt Springs Shiraz
$40 each
2016 Shiraz Single Vineyard Series 'Tom's Block' Blewitt Springs Shiraz
From the defined borders of our oldest and finest vineyard blocks, the Single Vineyard Series showcases the translation from terroir into wines of unique style and flavour.

Reserve Series

Reserve Series 'ELIZA' Shiraz
$70 each
2018 Shiraz Reserve Series 'ELIZA' Shiraz
Pinnacles of the Shottesbrooke range, and released only in years of outstanding quality, the Reserve Series denotes wines of special character. McLaren Vale icons identified by their exceptional elegance and their potential to age with grace and grandeur.

1337 Heritage Series